You’re not the problem


We have been so conditioned to doubt ourselves. We start out our career believing that we can do anything, nothing is going to hold us back. We’re going to work hard and we’ll be rewarded, and because we’ve already worked hard through our education we know we’ve got what it takes. We just know that we’re going to make the change that in our hearts we feel called to.

Over time, our enthusiasm wanes. We’re working hard but it doesn’t seem to be reaping the rewards we imagined. Our peers progress more quickly than we do and we’re told it’s because we’re not ‘aggressive’ enough or we’re too ’emotional’. We feel the cliques, the networks we don’t get access to and we start to wonder what we’re doing wrong.

We’re conditioned to believe that we’re the problem. We need to address x, y and z about ourselves, and we do, but still the progression is slow. We start to think we really must be the problem, and so we retreat. Step back from our calling because we can’t really be that good anyway. Or we work even harder, wedded to the idea that we’ll prove ourselves if we do.

Our confidence takes a battering. Our relationships suffer. We become a shell of that woman who started out on her career believing she could rule the world…

We think she was wrong, naïve, soft. What did she know?

Everything. She knew everything. Apart from how fundamentally flawed the workplaces are that she’s going to try to fit into. Apart from how, no matter what she did, she was never going to fit the standard for success.

It’s time to stop trying to fit in. You’re being measured against impossible standards. Believing you’re the problem perpetuates it further.

I help you let go of all the things other people have said you ‘need’ to be, so you can be unstoppable in the pursuit of what you really want and make the change in the world you know in your heart you’re called to.

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