You’re irreplaceable.. but just not at work


I was 100% indispensable. One. Hundred. Percent.

What I didn’t know about the business wasn’t worth knowing. I was the one everyone came to, to find out the ins and outs of that thing that happened 5 years ago. My head was the Google of our business and I just knew they needed me. Couldn’t do without me. Absolutely not.

Except they could.

After I left, it all just carried on. What I knew went with me and that’s where it stays. Even I’ve forgotten most of it now.

And yet I gave up so many of my evenings for that job. It consumed me. I gave everything. Sacrificed time with my family. Stayed awake at night worrying about what I could’ve done differently, what else I could do to, what more of me I should be giving.

I know I’m not alone. We work hard to be successful, after all, you need to put the effort in if you want to succeed right? But what is that success costing you? What are you choosing to give up? Because everything’s a choice. No one made me stay late, start early, give my all. It was my choice. There’s always a choice. Think you don’t have a choice? I call BS.

Make a different choice today. What’s really the worst that could happen?

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