You don’t need rescuing


I’ve got a problem with the term “empowering women”. I don’t have a problem with women feeling empowered, natch. But if you look at the definition of “empower”, it’ll normally involve giving something to someone. Giving them the power. So, “empowering women” to me means women need to be given power.

As if.

We don’t need to be given anything. We’re not patiently waiting to be rescued. Even the Disney princesses know that these days. What we do need is for the systems we operate in to change so that we are playing on a level playing field.

I know that you’re called to make a difference. It’s not just a job for you. You can see so clearly how things could be different, but you’ve hit a brick wall so often you’re doubting if you’ve got it in you.

You do.

It’s why you give so much. It’s why you get angry, frustrated, upset. It’s because you care about the impact you know in your heart you could make if it didn’t take every last bit of your energy just keeping up.

You can have impact without compromising yourself. You don’t need rescuing. I’m not here to empower you, my programme will liberate what’s already there. To explore how this could work for you, book your no obligation, 1 hour jumpstart call with me here.

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