I feel a little rebellion coming on…

Ready to throw away the rule book and get super connected to how awesome you are?

Good! Because you ARE awesome, and it’s time to own up to it.

We’re not meant to like ourselves though, are we. Urgh, talking about how good we are that’s just arrogant isn’t it? Celebrating our achievements – cringe!

We don’t want to be THAT woman who goes around bragging all the time, nuh uh. That’s not us and if we’re going to get recognition then it should damn well be because someone’s noticed it, not because we’ve forced them into it, I tell you!

Since when did being connected to our worth become such a bad thing?

The problem is, there are so many rules about who we should be and how we should behave as women that we work harder and harder trying to keep up, and when we don’t reach the bajillion expectations there are for how we should be, we internalise it and doubt our ability. We make it about us and what we can’t do, instead of celebrating everything that we can.

When all is said and done, the only person we really need to impress is ourselves. But how do you do that when you’ve lived a lifetime doing what we ‘should’ do and being what we ‘must’ be?

Oh hello, rebellious self-acceptance playbook!

It’s for you if you:

Spend too much time worrying about what other people will think of you.
Have had enough of feeling guilty every time you aren’t doing something that you ‘should’ be.
Are trying to do ALL THE THINGS and feeling like you’re not doing any of them particularly well.
Wondering why you never have any time to do what you want, and seem to be spending it doing everything for everyone else?

Do you just have a feeling that actually, it’s time that you cared less about what other people think, believed in yourself more and felt comfortable doing the right thing by you?

Er, yeah it is! Tell me what’s included!

OK, here’s what you need to know. You’ll get:

Access to my 5 step REBEL process to get you moving on your journey to unstoppable.

Practical activities to help you actually implement your learnings at each step.

The ability to progress with confidence and focus in a sustainable way.

Ditch the people pleasing. Leave behind the should do’s and the must’s. Start now as you mean to go on.

Sounds good right?

Get the Rebellious Self-Acceptance Playbook eBook for just £8

How are you meant to make your mark with all that going on?
My vision for the world is one where everyone’s contribution is valid and we’re not squeezed into conforming to other people’s expectations of us. Where compassion, collaboration, emotion and empathy are valued and embraced for how powerful they are instead of being written off as weak and unnecessary. I know you have all of this in abundance, and by tapping into it instead of hiding it or fixing it, the whole world is going to change. I can’t wait for you to be part of that.