HR Connected

HR Connected


The world of HR can be oh so small, but oh so lonely. Everyone has an expectation of what they can expect from us and often these expectations conflict. We can start questioning ourselves, our abilities and even whether the profession is really right for us anymore.

You have so much to give yet you’re so unsupported in how you give to others while taking care of yourself. All the technical courses in the world won’t teach you how to deal with the emotional burden of the work we do, and it’s not like you can really talk to anyone who truly understands what it’s like.

Until now, that is.

Welcome to HR Connected, a monthly session held virtually on the last Friday of every month, designed to:

– Reconnect you to your value, regardless of other people’s opinion of you;
– Replenish you so that you’re operating from a place of power and presence rather than overwhelm and disconnect;
– Tool you up to have impact without giving all of you away in the process.

The first session is on Friday 30 July at 12.30pm. £20 is the cost of each session, but there is no obligation to attend future sessions by signing up to this one. Not sure? Read more here.