Is it time to take care of the person taking care of everyone else?

I think so.

Working in HR is a tough gig. You’re at the front end of the sometimes sheer rawness of employing people, yet the external perception of your value doesn’t match up to the impact you know in your heart that you want to be making.

On top of that, who can you really talk to about what it’s really like to work in HR? It’s not like you can talk to your peers about the things you’re dealing with because of the confidentiality factor, and with the best will in the world your family and friends don’t quite get what you do other than ‘hiring and firing’.

Isn’t it time we got the support we really need?

There’s a gap, isn’t there, between what we’re asked to do and the support we’re given to do it? There are high expectations all around – from bosses concerned about the ‘bottom line’. From the employees who just want to feel valued coming to work and hold you entirely responsible for that. From your own team who hold you responsible for having the tough conversations that will make the difference they know is possible.

You’re expected to magically make everything OK, supporting everyone else when they’re crumbling, being the ‘positive one’ lifting everyone else’s spirits, yet all the time coming last in terms of support and getting little recognition to boot.

It leaves you wondering if you’re really as good as you think you are, questioning if you can do your job no matter the effort you put in and believing that other people know so much more. Despite the fact that you’re the ‘people person’, it can be a really lonely role which tests your nerve and makes you question your judgement.

I’ve been there. I know how hard it is, especially when you care so much. I also know that you’re bloody fabulous, and I want to help you believe it as much as I do.

Fancy making some real connections?

Oh, and learn the skills you need to have the impact in HR that you want to, without burning yourself out in the process?

Good! You deserve it. On the last Friday of every month you’re invited to join like minded HR professionals at 12pm for 1.5 hours to do just that.

The dates of future sessions are:

Friday 24 September.
Friday 29 October.
Friday 26 November.
Friday 17 December.

Planned session topics include communicating with impact, saying no and setting boundaries, using our emotions as a force for good, and meeting our own needs to be best placed to meet the needs of others. That’s enough to get going, hey!

All the deets:

OK, here’s what you need to know:

Spaces are capped at 10, so we can really connect with each other.  

There’ll be at least 30 minutes each session for sharing stories, getting support and celebrating how blooming fabulous we are.  

The session will be hosted by me (do some snooping here). I’ve worked in HR my whole career, and still do while my business grows. I’m passionate about our profession but I know we need help to have our biggest impact.

This isn’t a technical skills session, there are plenty of resources to tell us the ‘how’ of our jobs. The focus is on reconnecting to your value, replenishing you so you operate from a place of power and tooling you up so you can have impact without giving all of yourself away in the process.

And all of this is yours for an investment of just £20. I spent more than that on a take away at the weekend!

Sounds good right?

There’s no obligation to come each month, although rather excitingly there is the potential this will grow and become a membership in time. If you decide to get in on the action now though, you’ll have the opportunity to join at the founding member’s rate of £20 a month when it goes live. Not too shabby hey?!

You 100% deserve this investment. It’s going to be epic and I can’t wait to meet you!

How are you meant to make your mark with all that going on?
My vision for the world is one where we can go to work and not be squeezed into conforming to other people’s expectations of us. It’s a place where everyone’s contribution is valid and where compassion, collaboration, emotion and empathy are valued and embraced for how powerful they are instead of being written off as weak and unnecessary. I know you have all of this in abundance, and by tapping into it instead of hiding it or fixing it, the whole world is going to change. I can’t wait for you to be part of that.