Corporate and Speaking


Are you creating the right environment for your team to thrive?

I am passionate about creating workplaces where no one goes home worse than when they arrived. Through my experience in HR, training in neuroscience and my coaching certification I create training and coaching programmes that support a culture of engagement and wellbeing, supporting leaders and their teams to have the skills, knowledge and mindset to create workplaces where everyone can thrive. Here’s how I can help:

One to one coaching
Vision and values facilitated workshops
Leadership development
Women’s leadership development and networking
Team building
Skills development
Employee engagement
Culture initiatives including internal communications projects

I’m delighted to be able to also offer HR Consultancy services ranging from starter packages including all the HR documentation your business needs to a remote HR Director service, via my partnership with People Pillar. Find out more here.


I have been featured on the Brave Women at Work Podcast and previous speaking engagements include the Comms by the Coast Conference, CIPD branch events, Kaushalya UK Women’s Network and the Brighton SEO Conference. I speak at work events, conferences and in women’s networks on being sustainably unstoppable (see below).

The Not Good Enough Fallacy

People not feeling good enough, doubting their abilities, comparing themselves to others and feeling like they’re coming up short and working too hard to maintain the expectations of other people is too common. Frankly, it makes me really sad that this exists and I think that if real change is going to happen in the world it needs those of us who do see how things could be different to be comfortable standing out. 

This talk focuses on how not feeling good enough is a fallacy and how we can all tackle the internal critic to be sustainably unstoppable. I use neuroscience as a foundation for understanding the inner critic, and share resources founded in neuroscience to help combat it and increase confidence so that we can go out and make our biggest impact in the world.

Boundaried for balance

It’s hard to get balance in your life when you’re keeping everyone else happy. Women in particular are expected to be ‘likeable’ and often this translates to putting their own needs to the bottom of the pile.

In this talk I focus on what gets in the way of us putting ourselves first and some simple shifts in thinking that can be made to set the boundaries that will help us reclaim our energy, time and balance.

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