Life is like underwear. Change is good.

For most of my life I’ve been trying to fix the things about me that were ‘wrong’ in order to progress and achieve the standard of success I’d been led to believe was important. I wanted to have a good job, but before I could get there I needed to get better at the ‘financials’. … Read more

Since when was ‘ask’ a swear word?

I recently organised a playdate for my daughter with a new friend from nursery. Cue the ‘getting to know you’ small talk with another Mum. It’s so weird, isn’t it, trying to make friends with someone purely because you procreated and the resultant mini-me’s made friends. Thankfully, said Mum was very easy to talk to … Read more

An opportunity of epic proportions

“We all have big changes in our lives that are more or less a second chance.” Starting off with a quote from Harrison Ford! Not too shabby hey! It strikes me that there is change afoot. Of course, here in the UK change is everywhere. It’s in the blossom on the trees and the lambs … Read more

There must be more to life than this?

“There must be more to life than this.”  These were the words my friend told me she could clearly remember herself saying one morning sitting at her desk in her role as a Corporate PA in a law firm. It was that morning that she handed in her resignation, not knowing what was next but … Read more

The Power of Love

Ahhh, February. Firstly, how the heck is it February already? And also, how is it only February? Does time even exist anymore?!  Of course, February is the month where we celebrate Valentine’s day. Many a year I’ve felt the impending doom of the event, my perpetual singledom masked by my external apathy (who’d want to … Read more

Resolution, shmesolution

Many a time back in my uni days you’d find me with my uni tribe on a dance floor belting out the lyrics to Destiny’s Child’s hit ‘Independent Women’. We had our own dance moves to it and everything (when I say ‘had’, I’d be lying if I said you wouldn’t still find us a … Read more

The future of work is human

I am super chuffed at having been invited to talk to the CIPD Kent community of HR professionals today. I think it went well, I managed to not end the meeting unexpectedly at any point which is a win in my books at least.  I’m so grateful for the people who gave up their time … Read more

frustrated woman

You don’t need rescuing

I’ve got a problem with the term “empowering women”. I don’t have a problem with women feeling empowered, natch. But if you look at the definition of “empower”, it’ll normally involve giving something to someone. Giving them the power. So, “empowering women” to me means women need to be given power. As if. We don’t … Read more

Choose Happy

You’re irreplaceable.. but just not at work

I was 100% indispensable. One. Hundred. Percent. What I didn’t know about the business wasn’t worth knowing. I was the one everyone came to, to find out the ins and outs of that thing that happened 5 years ago. My head was the Google of our business and I just knew they needed me. Couldn’t … Read more