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It’s so nice to see you here – it means you want something different for yourself, which is amazing!

Come on in and have a nosey, see if I can be the person to help you get there.

Emma from Be Unstoppable

My Background

I haven’t always been a coach, well not ‘officially’ anyway. Most of my life I’ve worked in HR, but a few years back I realised I was working really hard, as I always had, but I hadn’t got to the level I believed I would and I was increasingly disillusioned with what it meant to be ‘HR’. I had experienced that elusive thing we know to be ‘engagement’ at work, and now that I knew it was possible anything less than that just wasn’t good enough.

Worst of all, my career was getting in the way of us fulfilling our goal of having a family. I was putting so much effort into my career but was feeling stuck, undervalued and unfulfilled. On the outside you’d think I had it all going for me, but the truth was I lacked confidence, didn’t feel I measured up to other people’s expectations and life was flying by without me ever really experiencing any of it.

The tipping point

It was a long process and by no means an easy decision, but the tipping point came one Thursday night, once again laying awake at night worrying about my job. It was a particularly hard time at work and it felt like everything I did was going wrong. I turned to my husband and told him “I need to leave my job”. To which he replied “I know.” And so began my journey to where I am today – I resigned a couple of weeks later with nothing to go to and the rest, as they say, is history.

Career woman, to Mum and back again

Our third and final attempt at IVF was successful later that year and I transitioned from career woman, to Mum, and back again. Well, back to wanting a career, but definitely not back to the career woman I was before. I knew that to warrant leaving my daughter in nursery I needed my job to be meaningful, but I was disillusioned seeing first hand the difference between what companies say and do. She’s the main reason I’m on such a mish these days, if I’m honest. But being a Mum doesn’t define me, and as someone who’s always had a bee in my bonnet about being defined by irrelevant things like my gender or my job role, that sure as heck won’t either.

Flip and rework 

I walked a pretty ‘traditional path’ for most of my career. I always intended to work my way up, as you do, and dreamt that one day I’d be one of those consultancy type people, swooping in to save the day but doing it on my terms. Well, after a horrendous experience within the role that I thought was the pinnacle of my career, I’d already started to rethink what success really looked like. When I was lucky enough to work with some wonderful people who helped me realise that success could come by being myself, I started to wonder why we put ourselves through so much to fit in to the norm when the norm really only works for a few people.

I’ve also put A LOT of effort into my development. I’ve invested in coaching (more than once), put myself through courses and of course trained as a coach myself. I’ve dug deep into what I accepted as the truth, flipped it on its head and reworked it into something that helps me feel less conflicted. More calm. More understanding of what is really important for me to crack on and do and the confidence to set some unbreakable boundaries around that.

Support and challenge

I’ve been told many times I’m supportive, which makes me happy. I used to think that being supportive wasn’t good enough, but like many things I’ve reworked what that means in my head too. I see now that those ‘soft’ skills (can we please ban this phrase, btw?) are absolutely my magic, and the world could do with more of them.

Supportive doesn’t mean giving you an easy ride though. Sometimes the most supportive thing I can do is push you further than you think you can go, and I’d put this up there on what I do well too. Getting outside of what makes you comfortable is simply where the real magic happens. But don’t worry, I’ll always be there in the background, cheering you on and having your back every step of the way.

My coaching values:




Quick fire round

Here are a few other things you might want to know about me:

I take my work seriously, but not myself. Expect sarcasm, giggles and the perfectly imperfect me that I am. That’s the you I like to get to know too.
I’m a bit addicted to diet coke and crisps, these are my absolute must have’s on the daily if I’m being really honest.
I apply the ‘all in’ approach to many things, particularly fancy dress. There’s no point doing it if you’re not all in!
If there’s a way to sing something rather than say it, you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll find it. Also likely to be triggered into singing lyrics from a song based on something you say. Soz.
My nickname is Jimmy. Long story. If you’re lucky you’ll get to find out why sometime.
I’m winging it too 🙂

Let’s get unstoppable 

My work these days is all about helping amazing women like you experience the shifts that I have, because ultimately, the more of us that are unashamedly pursuing what we really want, the more I believe things will change so that my daughter never has to rely on some person in HR comforting her when the effort from trying to conform at work makes her sick. I know it’s possible to be fulfilled and be yourself. And I want it for you too, with just about every fibre of my being.

Fancy a chat? 

So that’s me! Well, as much as I’m willing to put on a website anyway! If you’d like to find out more about working with me, the best way for us to get to know each other is to have a chat. Feel free to get in touch with me using the details below and let’s explore what you, unstoppable, looks like.

Now you know about me, let’s see if coaching tickles your fancy.