Sustainable unstoppability for women in HR.

Ooo, sounds a bit spesh, doesn’t it?

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My wish for you is that these affirmations remind you how freaking awesome you are and how there's nothing about you that needs to change.

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Think of me as your personal cheerleader.

Hi, I’m Emma!

I’m here to help you have the impact that you want to in the world without giving too much of yourself away in the process. I believe in you wholeheartedly and I know that you have so much to give.

I’ve worked in HR my whole career and I know the impact the profession can have. But I also know when you’re someone who cares (as most of us who work in HR are), it’s all too easy to prioritise everyone else without ever really giving what you need, let alone want, a second thought. Eventually this dulls your impact, whether through exhaustion, frustration or a disconnect with who, and just how awesome, you really are.

I see you, you fabulous rebel. I know you’re ready for something different for yourself, and I know you’re ready to make your biggest impact in a sustainable way. I also know it’s possible, and I make it my business to help you do just that, all the while living your life with less guilt, less internal back chat and more time for the things you love.

How can we do this?

Unleash Your Awesome

A 4 month transformational adventure to get you clear on what’s really important to you (you know, underneath all the things you think should be important to you), how to get outcomes in your life that are deeply satisfying and to build a toolkit for you to have the impact you want in the world without giving all of you away in the process. 


This is a laser focused, three hour immersion designed to give you a kick start on your journey to unstoppable. We’ll work on the thing you feel is the biggest contributor to dulling your impact, and use powerful techniques to let it go, leaving you with actionable steps to implement what we discover as a result of our time together. 

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Who looks after HR when they’re looking after everyone else?

Well, this group of course!

Join to get reconnected to your value, regardless of other people’s opinion of you and get replenished so you’re operating from power and presence not overwhelm and disconnect.

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The HR Club (membership edit). Come be part of something that’s changing what it means to ‘be’ HR in the career development network for women in HR that was a finalist in the Best Purpose Driven People Community in 2022.

Get the support, development and connection that you really need to have your biggest impact in the world without compromising yourself in the process.

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