Are you ready to spend less time questioning yourself and more time making the impact you want to?

Gotcha. This is for you.

Are you spending too much time second guessing your decisions and feeling out of your depth?

Comparing yourself to other people and feeling that you’re coming up short?

Wondering if you’re good enough and feeling like you have to prove your worth? 

Oh and don’t even get me started on how hard you’re working just to keep up. It’s hard work, right?

Ready to do something about it my lovely?

Come and join me in the free 5 day Confidence Connection which is designed to help you…

Understand where your inner doubter is coming from and how to create some space between you and her.
Be confident doing your OWN thing, and ditch the need to please or compare yourself to others.
Create your own confidence connection by choosing 3 powerful actions to put into practice straight away. 

AKA, care less about what other people think, believe in yourself more and feel comfortable doing the right thing by you.

What’s the deal then?

Ooo, do I have a treat for you! You can expect:

A daily live training at 10am from little ol’ me with a worksheet to support your musings each day. The recording will be available for you, natch.
Access to my free Facebook group of unstoppable women in leadership.
To finish the week with 3 clear steps to help you take confident action on a challenge of your choice.
Creating your personal confidence connection action plan towards you, unstoppable.
Plus as an extra special treat, you’ll be the first to get your hands on my guide to rebellious self-acceptance which will help you take what you learn during these 5 days and turbo charge it to the max.
And one final thing – because it’s a bug bear of mine. Not only are we going to overcome ‘imposter syndrome’, we’ll be banishing it from your vocabulary altogether.

Ditch the people pleasing. Leave behind the should do’s and the musts.

Start now as you mean to go on.

The detailed details…

OK, here’s what you need to know:

Day 1 Let’s get to know your inner doubter and where she keeps you disconnected from your most confident, powerful self.  

Day 2 Can we get a reframe? If there was a purpose for your inner doubter, what would it be? 

Day 3 Imagine – get a clear vision on what life would look like without this doubter. You’ve got to really tap into this to make it happen, so we’re going to make this as powerful and meaningful as it could be. 

Day 4 Creating your confidence connection. What steps can you take to dull the inner doubter in your area of challenge? 

Day 5 Celebration station – not only celebrating how far you’ve come in the week, but how to make it a habit for the future.

Sounds good right?

I can’t wait to see you. This is going to be epic!

How are you meant to make your mark with all that going on?
My vision for the world is one where this issue of not being good enough doesn’t even exist. It’s a place where everyone’s contribution is valid and we’re not squeezed into conforming to other people’s expectations of us. Where compassion, collaboration, emotion and empathy are valued and embraced for how powerful they are instead of being written off as weak and unnecessary. I know you have all of this in abundance, and by tapping into it instead of hiding it or fixing it, the whole world is going to change. I can’t wait for you to be part of that.